Great Food Starts Below the Surface

Healthy Soil

Our 22 acre family farm is located in the heart of the banana belt of the Cowichan Valley. We are fortunate enough to have gentle southern slopes and warm ocean breezes, perfect for our livestock & crops.

Healthy Animals

Our farms operation is designed to mimic an animal’s natural life as much as possible. This gives them a high quality of life with low stress and optimal nutrition. This translates directly into a healthier food for you and your family.

Healthy People

Our pasture to plate products are grown and raised with love. Discover what makes our product offerings the best in the Cowichan Valley.





Seasons On Terra Nossa Farm

Our Customers


“Evelyn your asparagus
is marvellous!!!”

Oliver-Wild Mountain Restaurant

“My order of 5 racks of pork are lovely. They will be centerpieces of some lovely family dinners.”


 Tania Harrold

“The sausage club is also a good idea as you have the best sausages in the world.  We sure are enjoying the goat chops every Friday.  I keep repeating myself, thank God for wonderful farmers like you. Thanks for being there for us.”



We all are getting hooked on you food! The bacon is to die for (I never ate bacon before, but yours I cannot resist, the chicken and beef are delicious.) I am very glad we found your farm. Lately my daughter has been diagnosed with a thyroid dysfunction and I am trying really hard to find organic good quality meat. It is such a relief to have so many options through you.