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It’s great to get back to work on the farm. Not that Evelyn and Jesse haven’t been working all winter long! They have been busy caring for pigs, chickens,  sheep, and since February, lambs! They’ve also been upgrading buildings on the farm, building a new brooding house for the broiler chicks (coming soon!) and putting up a greenhouse for their first year of veggie production. Phew.

My name is Robin, I am one of two apprentices working at Terra Nossa Farm this season. The other is my partner, Bryan.

This is my third year apprenticing on organic farms. My past two seasons were spent on a small family farm outside Lytton, in the semi-desert interior of BC, mostly growing vegetables and fruit trees. What a change coming to the island! This year at Terra Nossa I will be working in a very different climate, and with very different soils. I also came to Terra Nossa to learn about animal husbandry, so I am looking forward to learning as much as possible from Evelyn and Jesse.

Bryan and I started work on the farm at the beginning of April. This spring has been very slow to warm up! (It is even here yet?) Since we can’t do much work in the field yet, we have been helping Jesse with finishing the brooder house, putting in new fences, and learning the daily routines to take care of all the animals. My favorite has been bottle-feeding the lambs three times a day. Learning to drive the tractor has definitely been a highlight too!

With the sunny days making an appearance we’ve been letting the chickens out in the blackberries to graze on the fresh pasture. But not in amongst the plants! Chickens are very destructive as it turns out. So we’ve been using netting to block off the rows of blackberries and let the chickens run up and down in the lush grass between the rows. So far they love it!

That’s all for now. Have a great week!



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