How To Cook A Stewing Hen

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Our layers play an important part of our crop and soil management on the farm. They freely roam our pastures completely unconfined, and are never treated with antibiotics or steroids.  However, once they become ineffective egg producers, their usefulness is still not complete  These birds have spent the last 2+ years living a very healthy lifestyle with a rich pasture diet and plenty of time outdoors.   They are lean and strong boned, rich in flavour and incredibly nutritious

“Just like their outward behaviour, these stewing hens are tough and stringy, and have compact, scrawny breasts and long and muscular legs. You can’t roast a stewing hen successfully, but once you know how to cook the hen correctly, a stewing hen yields delicious meat and rich, flavourful chicken stock. Many cooks will use nothing for chicken stews, soup, and stock, and others say that because they enjoyed an active lifestyle and a balanced natural diet they have a distinct chicken taste that is impossible to duplicate.” –Paleomama

When cooking them, keep in mind they have less fat than commodity chickens. We have found cooking low and slow yields a more tender chicken dish.  A pressure cooker  or slow cooker would work great, and in addition to making a stew or soup, the meat is great for salads or tacos.

Our Stewing Hens will weigh 2-2.5 lbs each and are a steal at $10.00 each.  They are also rather rare as we only have them available every 2 years.

Click on the links below to view 2 informative videos on cooking a stewing hen.

Cooking a Stewing Hen Video 1

Cooking a Stewing Hen Video 2

Take one home and cook it up.   These are the closets to great grandmas chickens you will find.     Enjoy and please share your results with us!

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