Chickens & Turkeys



The chicks come as day olds from the hatchery. The first two weeks are very crucial. They need constant care, consisting of special brood lamps for heat, fresh water and food. They are started on certified organic 18% protein chick starter, a very fine ground mixture of grains and soy meal. At 3-4 weeks of age, they graduate to a 16% protein chick grower consisting of larger grains. They are then moved outside to chicken tractor pens. These are portable pens that are moved twice a day to allow the chickens access to fresh pasture. We have established a custom poultry pasture consisting of perennial grasses and legumes for protein. The following herbs: rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, and comfrey are planted in the pasture to maintain the highest natural health for the chickens. Mustards and brassicas round out the poultry salad bar.


These turkeys have had the best nutrition we can provide, including natures best bugs, seeds, certified organic feed and exercise. You should notice quite a difference in the texture and taste of our birds compaired to factory-raised turkeys. These birds will taste the way turkeys did when your grandparents had them: wholesome, natural, full-flavored and nutritious.

Be sure to reserve your turkey for next year because we always sell out.