New arrivals

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There are some new arrivals to the farm!

Yesterday we went to pick up 3 piglets. At this age they are called weaners (as in weaned from their mother). They are purebred Berkshires, a heritage breed known for its bi-colour coat and marbled meat. They are living in a fenced pasture, where they will spend the next few  months. These are definitely happy pigs! They have just under an acre of lush grass to run around in, and a cosy shelter to nest in. They are still a little unsure of their new home, and walk around side by side wherever they go. Very sweet.

Today we received a delivery of day-old chicks, which are now staying toasty warm in their custom-built (by Jesse!) brooding house. More like a sauna than a house! Day-old chicks need a very warm environment – the thermometers read 90 degree Fahrenheit at the moment. As soon as we took them out of their travel boxes they began to run around, cheeping loudly, exploring their new surrounding.

The sheerer also came today. He made sheering the sheep look easy! Our ewes and 2 rams will be much more comfortable without their thick wooly coats as the weather begins to warm up. I had high hopes of using their wool to spin some yarn. As it turns out, only the rams (Texel) have wool-quality fleece. The exes are Suffolk and  are not a breed used for fiber, so their wool is very coarse and has lots of lanolin (the natural oil found in wool). Instead, their fleeces can be used to mulch garden beds.

In the field things are moving along too. Jesse has plowed and rotovated about an acre, and we have been putting in an asparagus bed and sprucing up the strawberry bed. In our greenhouse the seedling are getting bigger every day. I’m looking forward to transplanting soon!

Hope you are enjoying the return of the sun as much as we are.



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