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If you have not re-introduced clean traditional fats into your diet, you are missing something amazing!

Specifically FLAVOUR, but also an incredible source of Vitamins A, D, and K, which are necessary for hormone regulation, reproduction, immunity, bone health and much more.  Additionally,  lard has less saturated fat (1/4 the amount) and more than twice the amount of monounsaturated fat as butter.  It is also low in omega 6 fatty acids which are known to promote inflammation.

Using lard and other traditional fats in cooking goes back generations and is very likely what your grandmother and great grandmother used in their cooking and baking.   Lard did go out of favor for many years and was demonized in favor of margarine and Crisco.   However, it was rediscovered in the 1990’s along with other healthy animal fats and is once again being embraced by chefs, healthcare professionals and people in general who are interested in back to basics and sustainable food choices.   

Lard is fabulous for roasting or sautéing vegetables, giving them a wonderful rich flavour and divine crispness.   It has a high smoke point of 370˚F, making it a great oil for popping corn as well.  Add a little salt and pepper and you have an quick and delicious snack.

Of course, the quality of the lard you use goes without saying.   Our lard is rendered from our pigs who are lovingly raised on certified organic pastures, as well as a huge variety of supplement foods, such as certified organic eggs, kale, squash and pumpkins!   

Our pigs live their happy lives on our pastures roaming and rooting the way they are meant to  in full piggy messy love.   In turn, the pigs help to nourish our soils and nourish our bodies.

FUN FACT – 1 tablespoon of pasture-raised lard has up to 17% of the RDI of Vitamin D…. making it a top source compared to other oils.  Vitamin D is tough to get from food and from climates that lack sunshine year-round.”    So you can think of our lard as a little does of sunshine.

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