The Skinny On Our Pork Puffs

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Our pork puffs are 100% local and if you are in the Duncan area well within the 100 mile diet as well.   These puffs are are lovingly created in small batches on Vancouver Island, by Primal Sisters.    They specialize in making these preservative free Paleo, and Ketogenic snacks.     Their own brand “Louis Pasture Pork Crisps” can be found in a number of stores on Vancouver Island.

Since we are continuing to work hard at reducing as much food waste as possible and staying true to our values of “Nose to Tail” eating,  we thought we could create some of these tasty little treats made exclusively from our organically raised and 100% pastured pork skins.   

We have to say, we think they are fabulous.   Packaged  into single serving bags for a quick grab and go, they weigh only 14 grams and can easily slip into a medium sized purse or backpack.  But the best part is still to come.   This little snack is a mere 80 calories and contain 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat.   


We are currently offering 3 flavours, Plain, Dill and BBQ and each bag will retail for $4.99.

They are only available at the Farm, Moss Street Market on Saturday’s, or by special order.



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